The Valley Academy Foundation and the Valley Academy Board of Advisors invite you to join us in supporting Davidson County’s most innovative public high school.

The Valley Academy Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises funds to support creative innovation at Valley Academy.

The Valley Academy Board of Advisors bridges the gap between the classroom and the business world. Members include representatives of local school districts, the Triad business community, parents, and other interested professionals.

The Foundation and the Board of Advisors work together very closely to raise funds, build partnerships and support Valley Academy’s students and staff.¬† We jointly manage this website and other community outreach.


Financial Sustainability

Valley Academy is a different kind of school and therefore has different financial needs, many of which are not met through traditional school funding sources. Therefore, we raise funds to fill the gap between what’s provided and what’s needed.

Business and Community Outreach

Partnerships with business professionals and community leaders are an essential part of our success. In addition to attracting their support, we also encourage families to consider Valley Academy as their high school of choice.

School and Staff Support

We are also Valley Academy’s PTO and Booster Club in one, providing support to students, teachers, and staff.